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William Schnapp, M.D.

William Schnapp, M.D.

Board-certified Neurologist, Board-certified and Fellowship Trained in Pain Medicine

Dr. Schnapp is a board-certified neurologist and fellowship-trained interventional pain specialist who treats a wide range of problems involving the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, including headache, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and seizures. His work in pain management includes treatment of chronic neck and back pain, nerve entrapment, neuropathy, and cancer pain.

Dr. Schnapp constantly searches for new ways to help his patients. He has developed medical software including mobile device applications to track and treat headache disorders. He has developed a new robotic rehabilitation device to help patients who are recovering from stroke.

Dr. Schnapp enjoys the meeting point of medicine and technology and plans to continue using technology to enhance the care of his patients.

Frustrated by the lack of programs and opportunities for physically disabled individuals, Dr. Schnapp founded Adaptive Sports Miami, a non-profit organization offering specialized programs to help patients with spinal disorders and traumatic brain injuries. The organization teams with local instructors in Miami to provide yoga, kayaking, swimming, and scuba diving. These activities were adapted so that people with physical disabilities would be able to participate and gain the benefits of increased flexibility, balance, mood, and function.  Dr. Schnapp also noted that reintegration into the community was an important social benefit of the group, whose members often felt socially isolated because of their disability. He hopes to expand the organization to Key West.

Dr. Schnapp grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He cites an early interest in science and a special fascination with the brain and its functions. “I see the brain as the last frontier. There is so much left to know and, therefore, great potential for advancement in diagnosis and treatment of many diseases,” he says. Dr. Schnapp loves the challenges inherent in the fields of neurology and pain management and appreciates the natural overlap of the two areas.

Dr. Schnapp enjoys flying, swimming, scuba diving, kite-boarding, and participating in triathlons. He and his wife, an internist, have a young daughter.

Neurology Residency

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida


Fellow, Interventional Pain Management, University of Miami